Adopt-a-Thon Continues with a SINGLE TILE

Today’s adorable adoptable tile is single and needs a new home. This 6 incher is entirely unique, one-of-a-kind, a dark beauty that we couldn’t replicate if we wanted to! The glaze we used to make this little guy used an ingredient called Albany Slip, and the mine it came from closed when a developer decided to build an apartment complex over it. Besides that, we made this tile when we were still using our big 65 cubic foot, downdraft, sprung arch, propane fired reduction kiln. (That means we were able to choke the oxygen out of the fire at a certain point, thus “reducing” the atmosphere, to make interesting things happen chemically to some of the glazes). This tile is a fine example of a reduction-fired glaze. Anyway, the little guy could be yours for the low low price of $30, down from $65! First person to contact me gets him!Tile18