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Mud Dauber Pottery

image13image15Mud Dauber is open for business Monday-Friday 10-5, Saturdays 12-5, and Sundays by appointment. If travelling from a distance, please call ahead of time to make sure that someone is here; there are times when both Brenda and I have to run an errand, or are taking care of family. Mud Dauber hosts an annual Open House in conjunction with the Artisan’s Studio Tour on the second weekend of November.

Becky Garrity

BeckyGarrityOverBecky Garrity's "lively people" series reminds us that togetherness enhances pottery health and happiness. In support of each individual vision for a better world, we need to reach out to each other. In fact, a better world can only be attained when we rely on each other. As she draws the figures, the direction and variety of lines create a movement and life of their own. Becky is continually surprised by the subtle variations that suggest different cultures, ages, races and occupations. A life of action and interaction emerges from the surface of the vessel reflecting the joy we feel when we are appreciated and encouraged by those around us!
You can see more examples of Becky's work at the Association of Virginia Artisans website.

Sara Schneidman

SaraSchneidmanOver lived as a child in Asia and Europe, Sara Schneidman pottery immersed in cultures rich in color, pattern and symbolism. From these early experiences, her education in the fine arts and her training as a picture editor for Time-Life Books, she has developed a style of bold color and strong composition.
Sara works in earthenware with bright slips and underglazes, which take their character from her watercolor paintings. Mud Dauber Pottery also carries a full line of her greeting cards and stationery products.You can find out more about Sara and her work by visiting www.SaraSchneidman.com